Horses & Christmas Lights

Last weekend, my lovely Boyfriend surprised me by taking me into Dallas for dinner at Maggiano's, one of my favorite places to eat. The restaurant is gorgeous (and they decorated for Christmas!), and the food is amazing. AND if you get one of their classic pastas, they give you a whole extra one to take home for the next day...so you get TWICE as much delicious pasta! omnomnom...I love Italian food.

The lighting made us look orange...and I didn't want to keep using my camera's flash. But the photos turned out cute anyway, obviously. I just love well-dressed man. ;)

Afterwards we drove over to Highland Park Village, a collection of cute shops like Anthropologie and Christian Louboutin (look at those crystal shoes!).

 We walked around and looked at the fabulous window displays, then he surprised me with reservations for a carriage ride to look at the Christmas lights! Isn't he the best? (insert "awwww" here) 
Here we are with our horses Jack and Chloe. They were so cute and well-behaved. I had such a great time with them, the Boyfriend, and our super friendly/entertaining carriage driver. Plus I crossed two more things off my Winter Bucket List. I'm really making progress!
Has anyone else gone to look at Christmas lights? It's something I do every year, but usually I'm in a car. This year was super special, but now I'll be spoiled to riding around in a carriage like a princess. ;) We spent the rest of the weekend laying around and not studying for finals (well he studied for finals...I was a slacker). It was the best thing to help me relax before my finals this week. 

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