Toad-in-the Hole

One of the blogs I follow pretty regularly is CollegePrep. I was going through my list of blogs to read the other day and spotted this post from her about making a Toad-in-the-Hole.

A Toad in the Hole (or Egg in a Basket or Hole in One) is simply a piece of thick toast with an egg in the middle. It's definitely something everyone should try at least once in their lives. I decided to make two this morning: one for me and one for the little girl I babysit during the week. Recently I've been trying to cut out dairy from my diet because I think I have a lactose intolerance/sensitivity, and as CollegePrep mentioned, this has no dairy in it. Just pair it with some fresh fruit and it's the perfect breakfast for me!

Here's how to make this simple breakfast dish:

Get a piece of thick bread (I used 2 healthy thins from nature's own...only 100 calories!)

Then I greased a small skillet and set it on the stove. You can use butter or margarine or even olive oil, but I'm trying to keep this low-calorie so I used a couple of sprays of Pam.

I grabbed a heart cookie cutter and cut a heart out of the middle, set it aside, and placed the outside of the bread in the skillet.

After cracking and separating an egg, I poured the white into the heart-shaped hole and let it cook for a few minutes. You can use the whole egg if you want, but I prefer whites only.

Once the egg looked solid, I carefully slid the spatula under it and flipped the whole thing, letting it cook on the other side.

After about 5 minutes I removed it and plated it with some grilled cherry tomatoes and white onions. 

The little girl I babysit, to my dismay, wanted her eggs scrambled and her toast jellied, so I didn't fancy hers up like mine. I will make her into a culinary snob yet. Or at least get her to try something new next time. ;)


  1. That's awesome! My Mom used to make that for me, but with just regular bread. That's creative cutting it into a heart shape. Love it. =)


  2. egg in a basket has always been my go to recipe where the only thing i have egg and bread.
    though i do it with a small twist by not making a hole in the bread but flipping the whole fried egg on top of the toasted bread. Going to blog about in my blog.
    love your blog great ideas!


  3. I love the idea of using cookie cutters for the shapes. Had never considered that so I'll surprise my husband with his favourite meal tonight so I can :D
    If you ever happen to be in England though ask for eggy in the basket rather than toad in the hole as toad in the hole here is something utterly different - sausages in Yorkshire pudding style batter. Also the "bread" you've used is something weird and crazy to me!!