Fantastic Finds Friday

My mom is an amazing cook, but something she rarely bakes from scratch are cupcakes. That's usually because she's having to make them for some school event or bible study in large quantities, and it's easier (not to mention cheaper!) to use a box mix. I'd rather not start the debate of which is better, and how boxed mixes have "so many horrible chemicals that I can't imagine putting in my body!". One little cuppycake won't kill ya. And if it does, at least you died happy right? ;)

This week's Fantastic Finds Friday is all about cupcakes, including these white chocolate cupcakes with blackberry buttercream that my wonderful mother made this week. 

Here are hers:

And here are some other interesting/unique/yummy cuppycakes I found:

From Top Left: Oreo cookies n cream cupcakes, Girl Scout samoas cupcakes, Coconut raspberry cupcakes, caramel cream cupcakes, Chocolate orange cupcakes, Cookie Monster cupcakes (including a mini cookie), and Red velvet cupcakes. 

Has anyone seen the new trend in cupcakes? It's "cupcake in a jar", and is used for birthdays, parties, and even as wedding favors. I think it's a precious (not to mention WAY less messy) way to give and receive cupcakes.

Lastly, let me just say that I would LOVE to be proposed to with one of these! Listening bf? Just kidding. ;) But these are elegant and gorgeous, and I would have a hard time eating one (the cupcake, not the ring haha)

Speaking of engagement rings, I have a wedding to go to tonight. I can't wait...I love any excuse to dress up. Have a lovely weekend!


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  2. I love your ode to cupcakes! I also think your blog is super cute! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Hi! you have a cute blog and i love that your learning to cook, just want to give you a heads up on blog etiquette: you should always provide a link and the source of photos that you take from other sites and blogs.
    I made the mistake of using a photo without a link when I was starting out and the owner of the photo was not very happy with me.
    best to you and cooking!!