Fantastic Finds Friday

One time I made brownies for my family, and not wanting to make "normal" brownies, I added a little something special. Noooo, not thaaaaat. Man what kind of person do you think I am? ;)

I added a bit of cinnamon to the chocolatey batter, and when they came out they had just a hint of flavor from the spice. So I tried adding it to other things to see if it would taste good in them as well. Of course, my mom (who is a traditionalist when it comes to following recipes exactly) wasn't a fan. Even today she teases me about adding cinnamon to "everything" I bake. This Fantastic Finds Friday is dedicated to that story, with the theme being "sweets including cinnamon".

From Top Left: Cinnabun butter cake in jars, cinnamon pull-apart bread, cinnamon bun pancakes, cinnamon cocoa, cinnamon sugar apples, and monkey bread (which we all know contains a ton of cinnamon)

This is seriously one of my favorite spices. It's so versatile. Have you ever used cinnamon in a non-conventional recipe?

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