Weekend Recap

Even though it's already the middle of the week again (I seriously cannot believe it), here's my recap from last weekend. Thursday afternoon, Little Sister, The Boyfriend, and I drove home to spend the weekend with my family. 
Friday was our beach trip to Galveston with friends...between sand castle building, failed kite flying, getting knocked over by the huge waves, and rubbing sand on each other, we had a blast. And only a little bit of sunburn. 

The rest of the weekend consisted of watching movies, cat-napping on the couch, playing Apples to Apples until we were silly tired at 1am, eating a lot of my Momma's great food, and enjoying Sunday worship services with my home church family. The Boyfriend and I were pouting when we finally had to leave, but I had work yesterday so we had to be semi-adults and come back. Boo. :P

On a happy note, yesterday was my last day of work for the week. Frog Camp training starts today; I can't wait to facilitate the TCU class of 2017 as they begin their college life! So pumped!

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