Let's go to the Beach Beach, let's go get away

That Nikki Minaj song is terrible but so catchy...darn. So I'm linking up again for Friday's Fancies @ LongDistanceLoving. Sorry posting is so sporadic...I'm at camp right now and our campers arrive in 1 hour yaaaayy!!! But that means most of my posts (if they happen at all) will be short and written on little sleep and lots of caffeine. Bear with me. Thanks y'all!
Here are two beach looks: One for the active beach-going girl, and one for the glamazon. Because I consciously attempt to dress modestly, I hope these outfits reflect that somewhat. I know you can't wear jeans and a sweater to the beach, but I try to at least somewhat cover up. I'm at the beach to have fun, not get googled at. ;)

wave runner

fun in the sun

Which one of these looks speaks to you? 

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