Got this cute post idea from Designed to Love , and thought it would be perfect since I have a crazy case of writer's block.

I am currently...
{reading} The Great Gatsby
This was one of my favorites in high school, and since the movie is coming out this Christmas (check out the trailer, it looks fabulous) I decided that it needed to be read once again. After this I continue through the Harry Potter series with The Prisoner of Azkaban.

{watching} Pretty Little Liars
New episode tonight, but I'm waiting to watch it with Mom and Little Sister when we go home on Thursday. Love. This. Show.

{anticipating} The beach!
Little Sister, the Boyfriend, and a couple of our best friends are going to Galveston for a beach trip this Friday, and I could not be more pumped. It's the first time we've been this summer, and we're gonna have a blast. High of 93 and mostly sunny = perfect beach weather. I'm already planning what to pack in the cooler. I'm thinking bottles of homemade sweet tea, chocolate chip cookies, fruit, and chips. Any other ideas?

{laughing about} God's way of working things out
Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm an over-worrier. But seriously, if something can produce stress you can bet I'll stress about it. Lately I've been wondering why things have turned out a certain way, doubting decisions, and just really hating myself. Then last week things started falling into place, and are continuing to do so this week. It just makes me laugh because I can almost hear God saying, "See Lauren? This is what happens when you stop trying to control everything and give it to me."

{listening to} Fluffy music
Oh you know, One Direction, "Call me Maybe", songs with a crazy beat...they're almost required for summer. Lots of in-the-car karaoke and dancing will ensue. Obviously.

{eating} Breakfast at my desk
For breakfast this morning it was Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, along with half a tablespoon of chia seeds. Chia seeds are so weird. I heard someone compare them to fairy eyeballs one time and haven't recovered. They're okay if I just don't think about their sliminess. *shudder* At least they're healthy, right?

{working on} Re-doing my dining chairs
I've been working on them for 3 weeks, but I'm still not finished with those dadgum chairs. Lemme just say that you've never faced a challenge until you decide to spray paint chairs on a tiny rental apartment porch. Anyone have a tutorial for removing spray paint from surfaces? Oops.

{wishing} I was off of work
Little Sister is currently at my apartment, probably eating a PB sandwich and watching a movie while still in her jammies. And the Boyfriend is most likely doing something similar. I, however, am in a chilly office with pretty much nothing to do. It's a super slow day, and I'm practically the only one here. Now I can't complain too much because obviously I'm lucky to have a job. But while it's great to make money and be self-sufficient, part of me wishes I was with the two people I love most right now (besides my parents). At least I get off soon. 1 more hour until freedom!


  1. I'm laughing about God's amazing way of working things out too! Especially in comparison to my crazy way of trying to control everything myself. Lol :)
    Cute post!!
    CoverGirl + Converse

  2. LOVE this post! And I totally want to read Great Gatsby! Now I know what I'm downloading on the kindle next :)