Friday's Fancies: Pretty Little Liars

I don't watch much TV. I don't have cable, and could honestly care less about most shows that are on right now. Pretty Little Liars is the exception, big time. I love the drama, I love that it's a little bit spooky (try watching it alone at night and you may agree), and I love the outfits. 
I envy Hannah's glamour, Emily's comfy cuteness, and Aria's ability to pull off even the most crazy outfits. But even when reading the books, I related most to Spencer. She's a stressed out overachiever with a stubborn must-win attitude, and I kind of love her. Maybe that's because I'm a lot like her. She's also a pro at looking polished and preppy.

Here are 2 outfits Spencer has worn recently that I decided to create:
Spencer - Pretty Little Liars

spencer2 - Pretty Little Liars

I like these looks because they're easy, yet put-together. Perfect for going to class, running errands, or  casual Friday night fun.
I am so pumped for this weekend. Rodeo & BBQ with The Boyfriend's parents tonight, then road tripping with the Boyfriend tomorrow to pick up Little Sister from camp and bring her back with us. You don't know crazy until you get Little Sister and I together. The best part? She has no idea we're coming to kidnap her. Yay, surprises!
Happy Friday!


  1. Love the first outfit! & have a great weekend:)

  2. The first outfit is my favorite...I am crushing on those flats! I would love if you could stop by and enter my pearl earring giveaway on the blog! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Twirling Clare

  3. yep, officially in love with that first outfit. that blouse and purse are beyond perfect!
    xo TJ