4 Months and Counting

Fair warning, this post isn't what most people would call "girly". But I was sucked into the hockey world and am currently just a little obsessed. Any others out there proving that you can be girly and truly enjoy sports at the same time? Anyone?

Okay. Well, with a win in game 6 Monday night, the Kings snatched the 2012 Stanley Cup from the Devils, making Stars fans everywhere (including the Boyfriend) groan and think "that could've been us". But lets not dwell on that fact for the moment. Now that hockey season is officially over, fans are definitely feeling a void. Am I right? And I know what that means: it's time to plan for next season. 

The planning of watching parties has begun. At this rate, I'll be more than ready come October. ;)


  1. those east coast cookies are sure cute. I would watch hockey for the cookies.

  2. This was so cute! My first date was to a hockey game :) Thanks for saying hello on my blog!