Photos from May

It's time for my month's photos once again. This time I'll be recapping May in 31 days and 31 photos. Here we go...

1. Peace - I tried taking a photo of something that represents peace for me, but this was a stressful day. So I just threw up the cliche'd peace sign for y'all
2. Skyline - The lovely city I call "homeish" for 9 months during the year 
3. Something that you wore today - My 2 favorite rings, and the remnants of a tie-dying experiment
4. Fun! - SpeechPath end of the year dinner

5. Bird - 2 pretty birdies flirting in the pet store
6. You - Trying out a giant poofy bun 
7. Someone that inspires you - The Boyfriend is just one of the people who I'm inspired by daily
8. A smell you adore - My lavender vanilla sleep spray...I put it on my bed almost every day because it just smells so good!

9. Something you do every day - My morning routine: take off glasses & put in contacts, take multivitamin, put on face moisturizer & makeup
10. A favorite word - "Laugh"; I think we should all laugh more often (it's good for you!)
11. Kitchen - My corner of the kitchen at home, where I do most of my cooking/baking
12. Something that makes you happy - My baby Louie always puts a smile on my face

 13. Mum - Cooking with Momma in the kitchen
14. Grass - By the big oak tree in our front yard
15. Love - I love Little Sister, my bestie. :)
16. What you're reading - Currently re-reading the Harry Potter series...now on book 3!

 17. Snack - Corn and bean salsa I made earlier this month...so yummy!
18. Something you made - Modest scalloped shorts
19. A favorite place - Home sweet home
20. Something you can't live without - My Bible; it's the lamp for my path, the light for my life

 21. Where you stand - On my new coffee themed kitchen mat; Momma bought it for me
22. Pink - A stack of pink ribbon next to an antique candle holder on my craft desk
23. Technology - My laptop (with my FB page up, of course!)
24. Something new - New fabric for my dining chairs; I can't wait to cover them!

25. Unusual - The candy jar is almost empty; There's always candy around at my parents' house
26. 12 o'clock - I dogsat during Memorial day weekend; Here's one of the cute puppies
27. Something sweet - Cookies from the high school Bible study at our house
28. The weather today - Beautiful blue skies with puffy cotton ball clouds

 29. A number - 2012 graduates are gearing up for the end of the school year
30. Your personality - A lamp; I'm not fancy & don't stand out, but people come to me when they're lost and need help
31. Something beautiful - I actually took this photo earlier in the month when the Boyfriend and I went to the botanic gardens...that fountain is so pretty!

You can find the June Photo-a-Day list here. Have fun!

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