Fantastic Finds Friday

I was out and about earlier this week and decided to stop by World Market and look around. This store never ceases to entertain me with things like brightly colored saris, Greek coffee, or authentic Asian teapots.

One of my favorite things to buy at World Market, however, are the Torani syrups. They're good for coffee drinks, smoothies, snowcones, sweet tea, or recipes, and they come in a lot of different flavors. There are even sugar-free options! My favorites are sugar-free hazelnut, sugar-free peppermint, and sugar-free caramel. I'm a big frappuccino person, but not a huge fan of Starbucks prices. So I buy bottles of Torani syrup and make my own! One bottle is $6.95 at World Market, but they're on sale right now 2 for $12. It's a great deal because they last forever and cost less than two frozen Starbucks concoctions.

Anyway, I always make a point to go to the back of the store (where all of the food products are) and check out the Torani syrups. I saw the usual vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, plus a few new ones like honey vanilla and almond. Then my eyes fell on this:

YES. You're seeing correctly. Bacon-flavored Torani syrups. I have NO idea what I would use this in, so is it bad that I want a bottle just so I can say I bought bacon-flavored syrup? I just want to try it.

Bacon frappuccino? Bacon sweet tea? How would you use bacon-flavored syrup?
Here are some more bacon-inspired items for this week's Fantastic Finds Friday

From Top Left: 1. Bacon baked potatoes, 2. Bacon icecream, 3. Bacon chocolate chip cookies, 4. Bacon pancakes, 5. Bacon infused chocolate bar, 6. Bacon and eggs cups, 7. Nutella/Chocolate covered bacon

(1, 2, 7 - http://imgfave.com/)
(3, 4, 5, 6 - http://weheartit.com/)


  1. What a super fun post--I LOVE World Market! I haven't found as many in New England since we moved, sadly. I can't believe they have a bacon flavored syrup...though I will admit, I've seen a BUNCH of mixed drinks with bacon on the Food Network lately :)

    by the way, I saw your post on the College Prep giveaway! Your polyvore skills rock--you should put them to use for Friday's Fancies one week soon...though I can't promise big winnings, it is super fun! Happy 4th! xoxo {av}

  2. Wow no World Market? Sad day. And bacon mixed drinks...that's something I'm going to have to research. Sounds pretty interesting. :)

    Friday's Fancies sounds fun...and I can use any excuse to make another polyvore collage!

  3. No World Market--it stinks! So sad, right?!

    You're always welcome for Friday's Fancies! I would LOVE to have you!

    Hope you're having a great week! xoxo {av}