Fantastic Finds Friday...on a Saturday

Forgive me, please. You'd think that Summer would be less stressful than the school year, but between Vacation Bible School prep, dealing with "moving into a new apartment" plans, and other stuff, I'm pooped and finding it hard to blog at times. Plus, my mom is a fantastic cook so I don't have the motivation to cook food in order to blog about it. Call me lazy, but I start school in a month. I'm just trying to enjoy what Summer I have left.

On a suggestion from my sister, this week's Fantastic Finds Friday (Saturday?) is red.

From top left: Strawberry crepes, red velvet cupcake, cherry pie, cherry-limeade ice pops, strawberry banana fruit pizza, raspberry torte

And of course, no hot July day is complete without the red iced passion tea from Starbucks...Yum! ^_^

(all images from WeHeartIt.com)

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