Makeover Monday

I've decided to start a new post every week called "Makeover Monday", where I show an awesome kitchen redo found on the Internet. I'm currently renting an apartment right now, so I'm not allowed to do anything that will permanently change the look of my unit. But when I graduate and have enough money (or get married) I plan on buying a "fixer upper" for cheap and transforming it into the perfect home for me and whoever else will be living there. ;) Of course, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, in my opinion. So I consider Mondays my future home inspiration.

The first Makeover Monday post is from Re-nest.com. From the mermaid-y backsplash tile bought at a remnant warehouse to the sleek Ikea cabinets, this kitchen was transformed from gutted to gorgeous for a fraction of the original price. It's so clean and full of light...*sigh* I don't know if I could do this to my future kitchen (too outrageous for me haha), but I definitely appreciate what this new homeowner accomplished.

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