Fantastic Finds Friday

I have concluded that I have an almost obsession with coffee. I call it an ALMOST obsession because I can live without it...but why would anyone want to? It's definitely an acquired taste, and some people that drink coffee don't even like the taste. But I am not one to drink it for the caffeine boost (although that is a definite perk...no pun intended haha). I actually like the way coffee tastes. 

That may be because I've been drinking it since I was pretty young. My grandma and I used to drink it when I would spend the night. Hers was black, and mine was milk and sugar with a little bit of coffee thrown in for good measure. I felt so grown up, and as I got older the sugar milk to coffee ratio changed. Now it varies from day to day. If I'm drinking it iced, I like a little more milk (coconut or soy milk, that is). But I've gotten to where I can drink it without all of that if it's hot. Just depends on my mood. 

Now that I've rambled about my relationship with coffee, I present to y'all the theme of this Fantastic Friday: coffee, of course. 

(from top left): 1. vegan hazelnut coffee icecream 2. chocolate-coffee mousse 3. tiramisu (which is made with espresso) 4. coffee cupcakes with mini donuts 5. coffee lollipops 6. coffee cookies

(images 1-4 imgfave, images 5-6 pinterest)

Finally, I thought this was too adorable not to share. I'm soy coffee, and my boyfriend is Irish coffee (of course) 


  1. But of course. Only because you're a ginger, not because you're a drunk. :)