July Photo-a-Day

Holy Smokes I can't believe it's already August. I'm a day late with the "July Photo a Day" photos BUT here they are!

1. Self portrait - I really should stop making faces like this
2. Busy - At work...always multitasking
3. Best part of your day - Coffee and spiritual growth
4. Fun - Going out for breakfast at 11pm

5. On the floor - My shoes are on the floor more than they're in my closet
6. Chair - Redoing some dining chairs I was gifted
7. Garden - Not mine but I stumbled upon it during my walk around the apartments
8. Lunch - Freebirds...yum.

9. Big - Opening an Etsy shop. Big and scary.
10. Favorite color - Purple, of course
11. Letter - Freebirds again...wow I eat here a lot haha
12. Texture - My laptop case feels so cool

13. Open - Old recipe book open to my grandmother's cookies
14. Building - Cool Barnes & Noble downtown
15. Finger - My little pinky!
16. Sign - Gash on my ankle...a sign that I should be more careful while iceskating

17. Addiction - Pinterest...I'm on every single day
18. Plate - Zoes hummus and salad plate for dinner
19. Animal/insect/pet - The weird looking bug that was outside my front door this morning
20. Eyes - Big eyes and a silly face

21. 9 O'clock - Washing dishes at night
22. Upside down - The gross wasps making an upside down nest at home
23. Mirror - My mom bought me this cool mirror. I'm kinda in love
24. Stranger - A stranger's car. I love hockey so I couldn't help but take a photo

25. Heart - This boy stole Little Sister's heart (precious!)
26. Sunshine - On the fruit Momma cut up for breakfast
27. On the road - I hit 50,000 miles WOAH
28. Cup - Buc-ee's cup is essential for traveling (and Big Red Icees)

29. Last thing you bought - A delicious burrito on my trip home
30. Calm - Bible study on the comfy couch
31. Toothbrush - I love this pink toothbrush...and actually looked good this morning haha.
*AUGUST IS HERE! Get the list for this month here*

I guess this means I'm back to blogging haha. It feels good to be back. That break was just what I needed.

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