Case of the Mondays

I am one grumpy girl this morning. It must be a case of "the Mondays". But I grabbed a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese before class this morning, I've got a vanilla hazelnut coffee on the desk beside my laptop, and The Boyfriend is sitting beside me laughing at our professor's jokes. Suck up. ;) Slowly, I am getting into my routine as a student with 2 jobs. It's just taking some time. I'm a senior and sometimes my motivation level is a big fat ZERO.

I'm feeling random today, so that's what y'all are getting. A list of random stuff that I found fun this morning. Because studying and writing lesson plans is SO overrated.

The Color Of - Type in a word or phrase, and this program will gather photos from the Internet to give you the "color of" that word/phrase. Pretty neat huh?

Dog Shaming - People post photos of their little rascals and the "crime" they committed. This one had me silent laughing in the quiet section of the library.

Sweet Southern Charm - Love this girl's Tumblr. She posts such cute things. Great for Southerners, or those who aren't so lucky to live down here. ;)

Vanilla Joy - It's already the 10th of September and that means we are officially getting into Cardigan Season. Here's a cool (and super easy) tutorial on how to make a cardigan out of a pullover sweater that doesn't fit quite right. This is great for re-purposing those "meh" items in your closet!

Dancing Twin Babies - Have you seen this YouTube video of twin babies dancing to their dad's guitar playing? Ugh. So precious.

Well that's all I've got for today...my next class is starting now so I should probably pay attention. And I just noticed that my laptop has approximately 32 minutes of battery left. Great. Gotta go...

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love your cardigans. Half zip sweatshirt, jackets, cardigans and vests are the best fashion outfit for this coming winter.