Puppy Love

I am a self-proclaimed "dog person". But it's almost more of an obsession. When I was younger my family always lived in rent houses, so we couldn't have pets. I got away with a small bunny for a while in first grade, but my parents gave him away to someone with a farm. I'm convinced they sold him to a keychain factory, but they've stuck to their farm story. Every birthday, I blew out my candles and wished for a puppy. Every letter to Santa included a puppy in my list of Christmas wishes. 
When I was 11 we moved into the house my parents live in now, and I finally got a puppy. His name was Max, and he was the most loved Westie you have ever met. 
Unfortunately, he suddenly got very sick one day and we had to put him down. I was there until the end, and was crushed. For a few years my parents were dog-less; then a woman from church asked if we wanted her dog. She worked and couldn't take care of him the way he needed, and her little girl was getting tired of him. That's how we acquired Louie. He is seriously my parents' third child, their pride and joy. He's a great cuddle buddy, runs like a greyhound around the living room when he gets excited,  has an entire basket of toys, sits on your laptop if you're not giving him enough attention, loves to go for walks  mad dashes around the neighborhood, and is the smartest dog I've ever met. Can you tell I love him?

But now that I'm at college more than I'm home, my apartment can get kinda lonely sometimes. The Boyfriend's great, but sometimes I just need a small fluffy to snuggle with. I have a serious case of puppy love. I go to our city's pet adoption website at least once a week, and frequent the pet store at the mall so much they probably think I'm trying to rob the place. But our apartment complex is mean and makes residents pay a kajillion dollar pet fee. Plus once school starts I won't be at the apartment much, and it wouldn't be fair to a puppy if I left it alone all day. So for now, ooh-ing over the animals will have to do. Maybe I'll start volunteering at the animal shelter or something. Stray fluffies need love too!

Have any pets? Tell me about them! I love hearing everyones' stories. :)
Have a Fantastic Friday! 

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