It's Okay Thursday + Tie-Dye

Its Ok Thursdays

{It's Okay...}

...to have mixed feelings about going home for the Summer (even if it's only for a few weeks)
...to spend the night on the Internet instead of cleaning the apartment and packing
...to hate working so many hours but love the money that magically appears in your bank account every 2 weeks
...to buy yourself flowers. Just because you're awesome
...to reach for the coffee pot the minute you wake up - because after all, it's 5:00am. -_-
...to secretly be a teensy bit jealous of girls your age who are already getting married and becoming mommies (stupid peer pressure)
...to crash on your couch when you get in because "the bed is too far"
...to miss The Boyfriend only 5 minutes after he leaves
...to be super freakin' stoked about Lactaid because it means you can have icecream again (oh Bluebell, how I have missed you)
...to think your church family is better than everyone else's. Because really, they are ;)

Everyone having a good week? It's Thursday, and that makes me excited. I finished finals on Tuesday and am going home today for a few weeks. The Boyfriend's last final is today (sending him "good study vibes")

In other news, I tie-dyed a t-shirt. Totally ready for summer now. ;)

What are you doing to get ready for Summer?
Have a great Thursday...the weekend is coming up fast! :D


  1. I literally could realate to almost all of those! Lol! How did you tie die.

  2. hey ! i'm a new follower on your blog! so cute :)
    that tie dye shirt is AWESOME! what exactly is the process to do something like that? and ps, i am married however i am now feeling the peer pressure to have babies too! so i know how you feel!

  3. Found your blog from the link up!!!
    I almost opted for the couch last night because I found the worlds smallest spider in my bed the night before. It soon became the world's deadest spider but I still thought about choosing the spider-less couch instead.

  4. I'm feeling the baby pressure too! But getting married was most definitely my own choice :) I'm your newest follower and hope you'll follow back at ashareyes.blogspot.com

    p.s. - I've gotta disagree about your church family...mine is amazing, ha!

  5. hahahaha agreeeeed on the peer pressure. That was one of my Okays today too :)

  6. love your blog girl and i need to buy flowers for myself just because :)

  7. That pin on Pinterest that says, "I thought I liked working but really I just like the money" is SO me!! We need to think of a way to get paid for staying home haha.

  8. 5am. coffee pot. yep, that's me!
    and ... i didn't have your email, but thank you so very much for your sweet comment about walter. i appreciate it more than you know.

  9. Thanks for the compliments everyone! I actually tie-dyed this shirt at school (this is what my college tuition pays for haha), but I've used the kits you buy at Michaels/any other craft store and they work pretty well too. I'm a little obsessed with tie-dye during the summer. ;)