Makeover Monday

I am an avid garage sale-er and thrift store go-er. I get a little rush from finding things others would consider "trash" and transforming them into something useful or pretty. The weekend before last there was a garage sale right across the street, and I couldn't help but go. I'm so glad I did. I got both of these pieces for $20 total. 
The 1st piece is a small dresser that I'll be using to hold some of my clothes. The 2nd piece I picked up is a large nightstand, but I'll be using it in my living room to hold my TV. The second photo below shows the real color of this piece

Now I just need to figure out how I will change them to fit my apartment. Here are some different DIYs that I enjoyed looking at (click for link)
I could use words

Or ModPodge and paper 

 I could paint it a bold color (although maybe not green)

Or keep it neutral with an elegant design

I still don't know which direction I'll go with these two pieces, but when I finally decide I'll do an update and show the results. Any good ideas?

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  1. I love the words/places on the dresser! SO COOL!