Going out

I figured even though this is a blog about what I cook, I'd include some of my other food-like adventures as well. Which brings me to tell you about SmashBurger. Heard of it? Yeah me either, until they opened one less than a 5-minute drive from campus. I found out that they take our campus cash, so me and the boyfriend went out to eat last Friday. We wanted to try something new but not too expensive or fancy, and this seemed like the right choice.

 Their website pretty much gives you all of the information you need to know. The name SmashBurger comes from the fact that they actually smash the burgers on the grill to lock in the flavor and juicy-ness. Yummmm. They have stores in 19 states, and different menus with special items for each state. I definitely encourage you to check'em out...It's definitely not your normal burger. They're more expensive than say Burger King or McDonalds (my grilled chicken sandwich was $5.99, the boyfriend's burger was $6.99, and our fries were $1.69 apiece...with drinks it totaled up to a little less than $20) but I think it's worth it. It's a cute place to go on an informal date or with your girlfriends. They give you a number when you order (like the one below) and bring your food out to you.

Here's my chicken sandwich/fries 
The boyfriend burger (sorry for blurry-ness...he was impatient and ready to eat)
Happy couple with full tummies
One more shot of my fries (they're my weakness)

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