Mmmm sugar

Wow it's been a week since my last post...sorry for slacking off. But between what's going on with my family and 4 (YES 4!) tests this week (plus a project or two..ugh) I haven't had much time or enthusiasm for baking. BUT...when I went home this weekend my mommy had a present for me:

COOKIE CUTTERS!!! And just in time for Valentine's Day. (Plus she got them for $4 at Ross...yay for bargains!) This means I will be baking cookies in the next few days...Yum. They'll be all heart-shaped and pink and red and adorable. And delicious of course. But until then...

I think the boredom from all of these snow days is getting to me...Yes, we had ANOTHER snow day at school today. Honestly, I'm glad for the break but this is getting a little bit old...That is why I will probably be baking lots of yummy creations in the next week or so. Which will keep me busy and make everyone in my dorm VERY happy. :)

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