more presents and mexican food

The boyfriend's parents recently took a trip to the beautiful Hawaii while we were having our cold spell in Texas, and last night they visited us at school and brought us presents from the trip.
Knowing how much I LOVE coffee...They brought me both freshly ground and instant. I'm gonna need it for all the studying I'm about to do this week... >.<

Then they took us out to eat downtown. We decided on Mexican...Mi Cocina to be exact. 

Although it was a little chilly, we sat outside. Our table was by a giant standing heater so it wasn't so bad...Plus the food was delish.
Matt and I both had enchiladas:

Then before going back to campus we capped off the night with some...Starbucks! 

He got a steamed milk with vanilla (because he doesn't like coffee...yet...) and I got a skinny caramel macchiato. Yes they're overpriced. Yes this and that blah blah blah I'm so sick of everyone hatin' on Starbucks. Usually I just make my own coffee but if someone offers to buy me a macchiato I just can't resist. ;) Add a movie to that and last night was simply wonderful.

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