It's been a while since I last posted...And the reason is this:

I'm starting my junior year in college. 17 hours of classes, a job in the speech clinic, a job in one of the dorms, and clubs I am in will leave me with FAR less time than last year to blog. I'm living on my own so obviously I still have to cook to feed myself (and occasionally my hungry boyfriend), but I just don't have the time to take photos, upload them, write about what I cooked in detail, ect.

So I'm taking a hiatus for now, at least until I can get settled in and get my time-management skills honed. Maybe then I can find the time to blog consistently. Don't leave me though; I'll be blogging about once a week just to keep things going. And eventually I'll move back to my regular, consistent-ish posting about the food I love and love to make.

Hope everyone has a great school year! (or rest of the year if you're lucky and aren't in school)


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