Makeover Monday

I got to see my apartment for the very first time last Saturday, and I pretty much fell in love. Yeah, it's small (550 or so square feet). Yeah, my kitchen is a little bit outdated. Okay a lot outdated. Yeah my bedroom doesn't have a light. 

But the carpet is soft, everything is in great condition, and I pretty much have a blank slate to work with in terms of decorating. All of the walls are white, except for one wall in the living room that's painted tan. Now that I've actually seen MY apartment, I'm on inspiration overload, taking the things I have and pairing them with ideas from my head and from the Internet (mostly Pinterest). 

Since my kitchen is outdated appliance-wise, it's up to me to modernize it and clean it up. I've fallen in love with the idea of hanging my knives on the wall with a magnetic strip. I want to remove my cabinet doors and have open cabinets. I'd love to paint but that's definitely out of the question. So the next item on my makeover list is finding a way to make my kitchen look cute without losing my (very expensive) deposit at the end of my lease.

I've heard of removing cabinet doors around the Internet, but when I found this technique used in this inexpensive small kitchen makeover, I liked it a whole lot more. I just feel like I have too much clutter for this to work in my life. I guess it could become my motivation to keep things clean? Anyway, here's the before:

And here are the afters. I LOVE the FiestaWare in these open cabinets/shelves. 

Notice how they repackaged spices and dry goods in pretty glass jars and cute tins. 

 I'm definitely using the idea of framed photos to fill the white space between the counter/oven and the cabinets. It gives the space more of a home-y feeling.

This makeover isn't drastic like the others, but I chose it because it has practical ideas that I can use in my own space. It didn't require a lot of money, time, or effort, which means I can easily duplicate it as well. Can you believe how much of a difference removing some cabinet doors can make? Now I'm tempted to get my screwdriver out...

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