Gadgets & Gifts: Williams-Sonoma

I went on another Internet search for cool kitchen tools, and found myself at the Williams-Sonoma website this time. Here are some of the cool things they have to offer.

Includes 1 cup, 2 cup, and 4 cup sizes and perfect for pouring liquids into small spaces. I definitely want these because I spill a lot and this way I wouldn't even need a funnel to help me out!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE (and I mean LOVE) stuffed jalepenos. They just scream outdoor bbq. With this little roaster, you can stuff those peppers, stick them in the holes, and put the roaster on your grill. You'll end up with perfectly yummy jalepenos and be everyone's favorite person. Or at least my favorite person.

Euro Oven Mitt ($18.00)

I know I know y'all are thinking "$18 for an oven mitt is she CRAZY?". But this mitt is water resistant, can be put in the dishwasher, AND is resistent to temps up to 500 degrees. This would be perfect 
considering I always graze the hot oven somehow when I'm pulling out my food. No really, ALWAYS.

 Molcajete ($49.00)

This one's a little bit more expensive, but totally adorable. Cut from lava rock (or so they say), this unique mortar and pestle set can be used for anything from crushing spices to serving a salad. But I would prefer to follow the picture above and use it for my guacamole. Yum.

The day I found out poptarts were sugar/calorie filled and definitely NOT a good breakfast option, I was crushed. But now I can make my own healthy poptarts with this poptart press. Cute right? And think of all the flavor options...

Princess Cupcake Decorating Kit (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

When I went back to the website this morning to see this cupcake kit again, I found that it was sold out and they aren't going to offer it anymore. How sad...But I decided to show y'all anyway because I still think it would make for some ADORABLE cupcakes. I mean I'm almost a grown-up and I would definitely want one of these. But I guess it just wasn't meant to be.*sigh*

Ok well there are my Gadgets and Gifts for the day. I've gotta run to class now...I'm gonna be late! eep.
Have a terrific Tuesday!

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